The year 2020 has truly been an unprecedented one in so many ways, no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic,  but, as the saying goes, "the show must go on" so far as the ACASA UK Calypso and Groovy Soca Monarch competitions are concerned.  The ACASA ABC London Calypso Tent took an unfamiliar form as Notting Hill Carnival Limited (NHCL), the subsidiary of Carnival Village Trust (CVT) facilitated an “Access All Areas” virtual  offering instead of the parade that has graced the streets for over 50 years.

The ACASA Calypso Monarch competition, usually held on the Thursday before Notting Hill Carnival, took an unfamilar form and delivery mechanism this year. Artistes were pre-recorded and filmed at world-famous Abbey Road Studios in London, backed by the ACASA All-Stars Band, and backing vocals provided by the Divettes. The performances were streamed online, on Saturday 29th August evening with MCs Coco P and Giselle. Audiences were able to cast their votes via the NHCL App in addition to the three Judges for each competition.

UK Calypso Monarch 2020

The results of the 2020 Virtual UK Calypso Monarch competition was announced on Sunday 30th August with G-String, once again (he last won in 2016),  gaining the crown with his topically themed song "Ms Corona".  The other results were: 2nd. Brown Sugar - "4 Times Likely";  3rd. De Admiral - "It’s All or None"4th. Helena B - "Corona Positive"; 5th. Rev B - "I Can’t Breathe"; 6th. Muffinman - "Nothing Stops the Jammin"; and 7th. Clivus - "Windrush Coming Down".  Guest artistes were Alexander D Great "Carnival's Going Green", and Bubbles (a.k.a) Prodical Son with "Mask in Notting Hill".

UK Groovy Soca Monarch 2020

The result of the Virtual Groovy Soca competition was announced on Monday 31st August, and it was Ms Desire, singing "Soca Raised Me" who most impressed the audience and and Judges to win the first-ever virtual competition. The other places were: 2nd. G-String – "Social Distance"; 3rd. Helena B – "Feel It"; 4th. Batch – "Gas Mark 9"; Joint 5th. De Admiral – "You Give It To Somebody", and DeeVine – "Vibez"; 7th. Rev B – "My Music"; 8th. Muffinman – "Smashin"; and 9th. Clivus – "Remind Me". Guest artistes were  Dansa - "Drunk Dance" D'Alberto - "I Can't Breathe", and SunDivas - "Magnificent".

ACASA expresses congratulations to the winners, paticipants, NHCL and supporters 

Who is ACASA?

The popular rise of Calypso music in the UK has its beginning in the late 1940's.  It continues to exist in contemporary Britain through the efforts of the Association of Calypsonians and Soca Artistes (ACASA),  the organisation that emerged from the pioneering work of the Association of British Calypsonians (ABC)  and Association of Calypsonians UK (ACUK) which has kept the art alive for over 28 years since the formation in 1992.

The pioneers who were instrumental in promoting Calypso music in Britain were Lord Kitchener, Roaring Lion and the Mighty Tiger. "Tiger", Ashton Moore (d)  was a dedicated and committed Calypsonian who lead his UK based contemporaries in a campaign that established the formidable London Calypso Tent, the longest surviving outlet that has positioned Calypso music at the cutting edge of contemporary Black British culture.  The "Tent" is a distinck ACASA brand that encompasses live music and performances by Calypsonians and Groovy Soca artistes usually before the tart of the Notting Hill Carnival season.

The success of the Association in gaining Arts Council for England recognition and client status has further contributed to raising the profile of the music. Additional assistance from the Trinidad and Tobago government and a founding partner of Carnival Village Trust (London) has allowed ACASA to pass on this musical tradition, the first music of the Caribbean, to a new generation of British youth and the emergence of the aligned Groovy Soca art form. Read more about us here.


Welcome to the website of the Association for Calypsonians And Soca Artistes (ACASA), a registerd Company with the object of conserving, developing and promoting Calypso and more recently Groovy Soca musical art forms. 

ACASA is a membership led organisation with the aim of advancing and sharing the Caribbean art-form thas t is Calypso in the UK and Europe. The genre's modern off-shoot "Soca" is also fast growing on the world music scene.  ACASA provides the platform for both Calypso and Groovy Soca to be performed, enjoyed and apprciated by a diverse range of audiences. 

ACASA is always seeking and encouraging new Calypso and and Groovy Soca artistes to become members. Whether the sytle is song, spoken word, composition or playing an instrument and wishing to explore the exciting sound of Calypso, Groovy Soca or their fusion to provide a urrent sound, ACASA welcomes you to the "Tent" and other venues. 

If you are not musically inclined but want to learn about the unique Caribbean culture there are other aspects such as Stage Management, Event Management, Marketing and Promition, Fundraising, etc. where you can isplay your skills and offer ACASA support with its programme.

Join ACASA to learn the music, perform, travel, make new friends, have fun and develop your character!

We are updating and modernising our digital interfaces and our new web site will including the merger ofour heritage activities. Click the link below ...

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