World Music Stage at London Carnival

The ABC's objective in hosting the World Music Stage is to bring live Calypso (the mother of Caribbean music and initial sound track of Carnival) to a wider audience. We also showcase other music genres of alternative artistes so as to have a protean mix of music which deserves the title of 'World Music'.

The World Music Stage very much allows the ABC's Calypsonians to connect with new and much larger audiences. It also provides an opening for emerging artistes (across the music genres) to introduce their music to an audience who may otherwise miss the opportunity to experience these performances.

For individuals who are not artistic but want to develop in other areas, e.g. careers in events management, the opportunity for volunteer working on a project like the World Music Stage would be invaluable. As the market in cultural and arts festivals in the UK and Europe continue to grow there is a limited supply of individuals qualified or experienced in arts administration particularly among minority groups.

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