Sheldon Skeete's winning performance at last year's "London Calypso" tent. Judges awarded points for topic, originality, performance delivery and audience reaction.

In 3rd position was Alexander D Great with this performance posing a question of debate among many in the music industry.
Nikisha finished within 3 points of Sheldon with her original rendition "Life is worth more than money". Performing in front of a Calypso Tent audience prepares you for any crowd.
One of the popular favourites of the ABC and a multi-title winner ... the Lord Cloak.


Santiago performing "De Vice". In his second year with the London Calypso tent this song "De Vice" and "Oyster" saw him voted crowd favourite at the Tent in 2014.

London Calypso Tent

@Carnival Village, W11

Calypso remains alive and well in the hands of the ABC. Come, see and contribute to our next calypso season.

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